Brooklyn Invitational: Part II

Brooklyn Invitational: Part I

Here are some shots! I have quiet a few so i'll put them up in parts. Hope you likey xoxo Meredith. If you repost show some credit love!


The Brooklyn Invitational

 Brian. Wish this wasn't blurry. 

Max Schaaf's Masterpiece

 What a Beauty
Mikael Mikael Motorcycle's shovel
Billys New Shovel
 Billys New Bike

 The Boys.
Mr. Brandon Hansen

Mr. Johnny

 Alyssa drying her Ass with Brandons Exhaust 

Dawn and Mikey Mikey Motorcycey

 Mr. September

Leonard Coons.
 Knuckleheads + Wheelies
Ed Franks
Newman, Shop Dog.